Topic outline

  • Project information

    Info materials for project implementation

  • Project management

    Project management - documents, formats, standards, procedures

  • O1 “New, innovative and multidisciplinary common curriculum on marine environment protection from pollution”

    Leader:  PRU
    –To determine relevant skills on marine environmental protection in accordance with the IMO and STCW requirements - to establish a common list of the necessary competencies, skills, and knowledge to be acquired, correlated with the needs of the labor market and the requirements of employers, business, decision-makers and other stakeholders for designing the new, innovative and multidisciplinary common curriculum on marine environment protection from pollution
    Output Type:
    –Studies / analysis – Research study / report
    –CD ,Text in English, Romanian, Slovenian, Turkish, Lithuanian
    • O2 “Harmonized courses to comply with STCW standards”

      Leader: ENSM
      Curriculum development for: "Marine environment protection" - total: 42 hours/semester ,"Applied chemistry to prevent marine pollution" , "Marine environment issues in port operations" , "Transport and operation of dangerous goods" , 8 video tutorials for "Marine Environmental Protection
      Output Type:
      –Course / curriculum – Design and development  in English
      –CD DVD Text File Video Website
      • O3 “Virtual online training platform for maritime education on environmentally friendly maritime shipping industry”

        Leader: MBNA
        –to create a virtual digital e-campus for teachers, researchers and students
        Output Type:
        –Services / structures – E-learning platform in English
        –Internet Database Network Website
        • O4 “Joint research studies to value the academic facilities in common basis”

          Leader: FMST
          – scientific papers valuing the environment software and partners' environmental simulators as research facilities on: environmental risk management in naval and port operation and in cargo handling; port operation and sustainable development; coastal management and maritime integrated policies for environment monitoring; environment simulation software or simulators usage in applied scientific research.

          Output Type:

          –Studies / analysis – Research study / report in English, Publications Text File

          • O5 “Awareness campaign on Maritime Safety and Marine Protection Environment”

            Leader: LMA
            – 4 Conferences  and an international competition for students on the following contest themes:  Marine Pollution Prevention,  Ballast Water Management,  Marine environment issues in port operations, Transport and operation of dangerous goods , Sustainable development policies in the maritime business
            Output Type:
            –Public awareness campaigns / outreach activities in English
            –Network Website Television Press  
            • O6 “BLUE Network of MHEI for Learning,Teaching and Training”

              Leader: MBNA
              –train the trainers and train the students
              Output Type:
              –Course / curriculum – Pilot course / modules
              • Reports

                Concluding reports on project implementation.

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