Gender Identity Management MENTORESS

The course is designed help both male and female prospective staff cope with the hardships they are likely to encounter in sea going services and maritime jobs and make them realize themselves to the full extend.  To this end, leadership and intercommunication skills cadets may need in their prospective jobs are planned to be given in the course. Current practices in maritime will be discussed in view of diversity and gender management skills. On completion of the course; the learner/trainee will have the competence to cope with the problems deriving from diversity in addition to gender and cultural differences and have relevant skills to effectively carry out the duties in maritime.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understanding contemporary approaches on discrimination in particular gender discrimination.
  2. Learning different tools and methods to overcome discrimination and best practices throughout the world.
  3. The importance of the gender diversity in different work environments to increase effectiveness in workplaces with an emphasis on maritime life.
  4. Creation of synergy to overcome gender discrimination related problems and using leadership skills to integrate the female in maritime environment.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand gender discrimination and gender diversity with negative effects in social life and work environment
  2. Practice different tools and methods to overcome gender discrimination
  3. Understand and provide a general understanding of gender diversity for work effectiveness.
  4. Use leadership abilities to ensure abolish gender discrimination and enhance gender diversity in maritime professions.