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Proiectul MARINE

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Provocari si sprijin în educatie si formare maritima prin E-learning

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Conferinta stiintifica privind educatia si formarea in domeniul maritim din regiunea Marii Negre

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The Maritime Network of Education for the Development of the Maritime Culture in the Black Sea Basin

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Presentation of the MARINE project at „Mircea cel Batran” Naval Academy

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MARINE o punte intre trecut si viitor

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Programul Operational Comun Bazinul Marii Negre 2007 - 2013

Frontierele comune. Solutii comune.

20 Mai 2013
Presentation of the MARINE project at „Mircea cel Batran” Naval Academy
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Ultima actualizare: 16 Iulie 2014

On May 20th 2013 a conference dedicated to the European Maritime Day was organized at the Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy. This annual event is celebrated on 20th of May since 2008 and was established jointly by the European Council, European Parliament and European Commission as part of the EU maritime policy.

Among the participants of the conference there were representatives of shipping companies, higher education institutions from Constanţa, the Romanian Naval League and the local media.
The guests outlined in their speeches the importance of this celebration which represents a formal opportunity to evaluating the progresses made so far and the perspectives on development of education, training and technology used in the field of marine industry.


Aiming to integrate more actors from the maritime scene, Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy has initiated the MARINE project which was presented with this occasion by the project manager, assoc. prof. dr. Vasile Dobref, and the project manager assistant, assoc. prof. dr. Octavian Tarabuta. The main topics of the presentation regarded the partners, the objectives, target groups and results the Maritime Network of Education will provide and the two project's activities undertaken between May 8th through May 11th at the Piri Reis University of Tuzla, Istanbul.




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