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Last Updated: 02 July 2014

1. Increasing public awareness regarding the rich maritime cultural heritage and promotion of the professional qualifications related to modern maritime transportation in the partner countries

The aim of this GA is to contribute to the preservation of the traditions and the development of the maritime culture within the Black Sea Basin by two means: increasing the public awareness in the region on cultural heritage values and promoting the occupations connected to maritime transportation (shipping).
By raising the public awareness about the specific of every region's cultural heritage, this GA will accentuate the regional identity of the Black Sea Basin through networking of cultural institutions and operators, teachers and students. By enhancement of public awareness regarding the shipping qualifications, the activities will increase the willingness of the people in the region to enter the shipping industry labour market, currently in expansion. Enhancement of the public awareness about the maritime past and future is an important way of promoting the cultural diversity of the different countries of the western Black Sea region involved and the common heritage of the Black Sea Basin – its preservation and its significance for the development of the maritime culture.



2. Design and implementation of a collaborative integrated platform (MARPLAT) for the transfer of maritime knowledge, skills and research results among the partners involved in the Action

The aim of this GA is to create a network in order to facilitate the exchange of education, training and research information among the partner universities and other stakeholders from the shipping industry. MARPLAT will be the first integrated forum regarding the maritime culture in the western part of the Black Sea. This GA will manage to create an interactive platform for all the interested parties in order to collect, exchange and promote experiences regarding the traditional culture through organizing joint cultural events in the Black Sea Basin. The web platform will be the perfect virtual place for the promotion of the rich cultural heritage of the region and for the traditional marine cultures of each partner involved in the Action. The platform will facilitate the access of both the teachers and the students and of the public in general, to the online database and courses developed in the project. It also offers people the unique inexpensive possibility to exchange experiences with each other on the forums and to learn about the maritime traditions and professional perspectives of the countries through the sections on the web platform that disseminate the cultural and educational information specific to every partner involved in the Action. MARPLAT is planned to be a long-lasting network that can be lately joined or integrated within a larger network.


3. Visibility of the Action

Every partner will be obliged to disseminate the results of the Action in the region they come from, in order to raise the awareness of the people involved in the marine domain and of the large public, in general, regarding the importance of preserving the maritime traditions and culture heritage of the Black Sea Basin and highlighting the perspectives of the maritime industry. The documentary film, the posters and the brochures will create public awareness on the development of the Action. A proper distribution of materials must guarantee widespread dissemination of information in order to secure the equal opportunities principle. The promotional objects are meant to stimulate participation in the Action. The final report on the Action is essential for the dissemination of the project's outcome to the public and complies with the rules set out.


4. Management and coordination of the Action

Project Management will ensure the control and coordination of the entire Action in order to achieve the expected results at the expected terms. The project's Steering Committee is responsible for planning, execution, reporting and evaluation of the Action. It is also the main decision-making forum. The final report on the Action released by the Steering Committee is essential for the dissemination of project's outcome to the public and is in compliance with the rules set out in the Communication and Visibility Manual.