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About project

Last Updated: 02 July 2014

The Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme 2007-2013 is a programme under the European Neighborhood & Partnership Instrument (ENPI) of the EU


Aim: to contribute to a stronger and sustainable economic and social development of the regions of the Black Sea Basin.


The overall objective of this joint Action is the development of the maritime culture in the Black Sea basin through emphasizing the common maritime traditions of the partner countries and enhancing the preparedness of the professionals involved in the maritime industry (maritime/river transportation, shipbuilding, fisheries, offshore oil/gas extracting industry, ports, environmental research, humanities and so on). In order to efficiently store the data and share information on maritime culture in the western Black Sea area, an integrated educational network will be developed (the MARitime PLATform - MARPLAT). As the backbone of the joint Action, MARPLAT is envisaged as a modular, updatable design in order to continuously serve its role and even to expand after the completion of the project.

By promoting especially to the young of the region the rich heritage and the development perspectives of the maritime-related occupations, the project is designed to enrich the resourcefulness of future seafarers or simply of anyone with a heart for the sea.

The partners wish to endorse the idea that the Black Sea is not a barrier, but a communication way among people all around it and farther inland.



The specific objectives are equivalent to the three courses of action:
• Recognition of the common navigation and trade traditions of people linked for millennia by the Black Sea and its main tributary, the Danube;
• Development of new or updated lifelong education, training and research programmes in order to cope with the new technological and economic trends in the maritime industry;
The most important result of this objective are the new maritime river transportation and port management curricula/syllabuses for P3 - the Technical University of Moldova (TUM), which will be the first maritime & river transportation study programmes in the Republic of Moldova.
• Promotion of the professional and personal values of the maritime occupations.
The specific objectives are designed to interlace the past with the future of the maritime industry in order to promote harvesting of the Black Sea resources in a sustainable way.

The joint Action is meant to address to two main target groups:
• Secondary and high school students and advisors – 1000 persons;
• Students in maritime industry domains (maritime engineering, naval architecture, naval and port management & engineering, etc.) – 2000 persons;
All the activities of MARINE are structured to have the principal impact upon these two categories of current or potential seafarers.The media events and promotional products of the joint Action will reach also the general public, as a secondary target group.


The final beneficiaries of MARINE and their numbers are envisaged as the following:
• Maritime education, training and research personnel and stakeholders – 300 persons;
• Professionals working in the maritime industry – 200 persons.
• The people involved in the maritime domain – 2000 persons
• The Black Sea fans – 500 persons
• Population of the Black Sea region


The final beneficiaries of MARINE will benefit from the joint Action in the long term at the level of the society within the maritime sector. The enhanced awareness of the youngsters about the heritage and high economic perspectives of the maritime industry in the Black Sea will attract to the partner maritime universities applicants with higher motivation and interest in becoming a seafarer.

Thus the quality of the education and training will increase, in the benefit of a more effective and cleaner maritime industry.

Therefore, both local population and businesses will take advantage of a proper education/motivation of the future sailors.

Due to MARPLAT as virtual portal open to any interested visitor, the multitude of the final beneficiaries expands beyond geographical limitations offering extra opportunities to people dwelling inland.


According to the specific objectives, the estimated results are:
• Maritime history events (International conference, experts’ seminar, cross-border exhibition);
• Maritime education, training and research conferences, study programmes and short mobilities for teachers and students, held among the partners;
• Direct promotion of the maritime heritage of the Black Sea basin’s peoples by the means of a monograph, a documentary film and other materials disseminated mainly to high schools.
• Design and implementation of the maritime education platform (virtual portal) MARPLAT as the main forum of the joint Action MARINE.
• Design of new maritime river transportation and port management curricula/syllabuses for P3 - the Technical University of Moldova (TUM), which will be the first maritime & river transportation study programmes in the Republic of Moldova.