Last Updated: 02 July 2014




"Mircea cel Batran" Naval Academy has its origins in the Fleet school, that was founded through the Foreign Office decision number 15 from the 17 th on November 1872 based in Galati. Throughout two years of studies, in this institution officers and non-commissioned officers were trained and they fulfilled different functions on board Military Naval ships, but onboard the Romanian Commercial Fleet, too.
Later on, the naval higher education developed under different names according to the organizations and reorganizations of the military education. After 1878, a part of the naval officers came from the land army schools, especially from the Naval, Engineering and Artillery Military School.
For the naval special training of the officers assigned in the military fleet at military schools, at the 26 th of February 1896 the Naval Lieutenants Application School was founded, that functioned at Galati until 1901 when it was moved to Constanta.
On the 29 th of October 1909, the Naval Lieutenants Application School was organized on different basis, higher from the theoretical and practical point of view, receiving the title of Higher Naval School. It was functional in Constanta until the First World War.
After the war, the naval department from the Naval, Engineering and Artillery Military School, resumed its activity at the 9 th of June 1920, through the Foreign Office decision, this department was moved to Constanta and reorganized in a complex higher education institution, with the name of Naval School, that starting with the education year 1925-1926 within the Naval School functioned with some interruptions, until 1939/1940, a department for the students with reduced frequency.
For specialized crew forming necessarily to trade ships, at the 1 st of October 1938, the Marine Trade Department was founded, within the Naval School.
After the Second World War, the institution changed its name into the Naval School and Foremen School (March-December 1948), Military Naval Schools (December 1948-June 1950), Naval Officers School (June 1950-1952), Naval Military School (1952-1954), Naval High Military School (1954-1968).
On the 1 st of September 1959, by restoring a tradition, the Marine Trade Department was reestablished.
Starting with the 1 st of September 1969, the named was changed again into "Mircea cel Batran" Naval Active Officers School, continuing to train officers for the Military and Commercial Naval for 4 years.
On the 29 th of August 1973, the Military School of Active Naval Officers merged, through the State Council Order, with the Civil Naval Institute created in 1972, to the new formed higher education institution was given the name of "Mircea cel Batran" Naval Institute.
Through the Government Decisions number 406 from the 23 rd of April and number 551 from the 17 th of May 1990, the Naval Institute was reorganized as a consequence of the December 1989 Revolution, so that the specialized high education military institution "Mircea cel Batran" Naval Academy was founded